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by Admin16. September 2014 15:01

We've taken the AMOBrowser tool from Microsoft and added there some useful features. You may download it from here . Source code is included – so you may add/change features as you need.

Unprocessed Partition Check

This useful feature will show you what partitions are not processed:

Generation of Partitions

How many times you had a situation that you need to generate 24 partitions of the same kind as you already have? So, if you will make a template with @YYYYMM and will set up the month range, it will quickly generate you the partition creation code.

Button "Get partition code" allows you to fetch the code of existing partition (to avoid writing it from scratch).


Several times we had a situation when we needed to comare if all the attributes in the specification are implemented in the cube. So, we can output all the attributes into a text file with tab delimiter, import to Excel, and make comparison with another list.

Backup Script

This tiny module allows to make a backup script for all databases



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