Advanced AMO Browser

by Admin16. September 2014 15:01
This tiny SSAS tool allows to make several things: 1) check for unprocessed partitions; 2) generate partitions; 3) output all dimension attributes; 4) generate a backup script for all databases. [More]

MDX Studio 0.4.15 with support of SSAS 2012 and 2014

by Admin12. September 2014 20:04
In this version of MDX Studio we've applied several fixes which allowed this great product to work with SSAS 2012 and SSAS 2014. [More]

MDX: Block Evaluation and Surrogate Attributes

by Admin20. July 2014 19:19
In this article we'll show you one interesting approach which we discovered recently: we call it "surrogate attributes". It speeds up the performance of many calculated measures, especially those which run through dimension members of the lowest granularity level. [More]

Universal ETL – средство для загрузки данных в ХД и обработки кубов

by Admin16. December 2013 20:38
UniversalETL - это средство для решения двух задач: задачи по переносу данных из staging базы в ХД, и задачи по "умной" обработке куба. [More]

Date and Time Dimension Template

by Admin12. February 2013 15:02
In this post we will show how we do date and time dimensions and how it can help dynamic date selection in BAT. [More]

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