New Features of BAT Version 4.86

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Sorting optimization

Running the report module under another user



In the new version of the software you can display gauges in a table:

The gauge settings panel contains the following options:

In the field "type" you can select one of the following gauge types:

Each of them has its own visual representation:

The field "goal" contains the measure which is used as the comparison target during analysis:

On the next step you can select the subject for analysis:

In the dropdown list you can set up the way how a label will be displayed:

setting up the X value:

You can override the minimum and maximum value in the scale settings.

There is also a "traffic lights" type of a gauge, where you can set up the value ranges for which the appropriate color will be selected:

Sorting optimization

In the previous version of the software the MDX contained several ORDER statements when we had several sorting blocks:

That was useless: MDX engine ignores all the inner "ORDER" statements and only the last one worked.

In the new version there is only one ORDER:

Running the report module under another user

For an administrator it is often useful to check what reports a user can see in the report module:

After this action the administrator will see the following windows:

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