New Features of BAT Version 4.68

by Admin26. May 2014 12:19

Setting a Condition to Check before the Broadcasting

The Scheduler Service has a new possibility: you can set up a condition that will be checked before the scheduler will send the report. Let us see an example.

The Problem

Imagine that we want to get a report "Fall of Sales" only in the case if bikes sales amount is less than of previous month. We want to check this condition every first day of every month at 10:00am, and in the case if the sales really got down – the scheduler should send a report, otherwise it shouldn't.

The Solution

There is a new tab in the schedule settings form:


On this tab the user can set up the following parameters:

  • Mode - defines the condition for the schedule;
  • What to run – defines what query to run in order to get data to check the condition;
  • What test to do - defines what to check (the absence of result, or its presence);
  • From whom to do the checking – this option can be used only by administrator.

Let us fill in all the tabs. For the first tab General we have:

The tab "Periods" should have the following parameters:

Select "NRP" on the tab "Format". On the tab "Pages" set upthe necessary page:

Select "Conditional" on the tab "Condition":

Now let us set up the condition "if the sales decreased, then send the report".

We will do this by creating a separate table (like in any reports). This table will have a filter on rows by the measure which calculates the difference between sales in this month and the previous one. If this table returns at least one row, then the condition is met and the report should be sent.

This can be set up as following:

In the page editor make the following page structure:

It is desirable to use "floating period" for date range:

The "Bikes" category is put on rows, "France" is put on columns. The date is in the context of the report.

Let us set up the filter:

This filter will keep rows only in the case if the sales in France decreased in comparison with the previous month.

We need to select «Query should return at least one cell»:

After you press "OK" a new record will be added to the list:

In this case the schedule will send mail only in the case if the condition is satisfied.

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