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by Admin30. October 2012 17:13

How to set up SSL for BAT website?

You need to complete 2 steps:

  • Create or import a certificate;
  • Configure SSL on BAT website.

Creating a Certificate

In the IIS Manager you need to open "Server Certificates" section:

In this section you will see a set of actions (invoked by right mouse button click):

If you already have a company certificate, you can import it here. But in many cases it would be enough for you to create a self-signed certificate, so you may select the appropriate item.

After you invoke "Create Self-Signed Certificate", you will see this:

Enter a name for this certificate and press OK. It will appear in a list.

Set up SSL on BAT Web Site

Open your web site in IIS manager, and choose "Bindings". Press "Add", select "http" and your certificate:

After this your web site becomes available via https.

Note: if you created a self-signed certificate, you will get this:

It is normal that the browser doesn't trust your web site – the certificate is self-issued in our case. For testing purposes click "Continue to this website".

However, if you want your domain computers to know about this certificate, ask your domain administrator to create a certificate on domain level. Or, if BAT website is made available for public, ask your administrator to order a certificate from


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