Удалить пользователя и всю информацию о нем

by Lena Vayda10. October 2018 14:55
Инструкция по удалению пользователя и всей информации связанной с ним. [More]

Что делать если не работает BAT Server

by Lena Vayda10. October 2018 13:07
Здесь приведен список того, что надо проверять в случае, когда не работает ВАТServer сайт. [More]

Выборка по времени в ВАТ как диапазон дат

by Lena Vayda14. September 2015 14:02
Здесь описан процесс задания выборки по времени [More]

How BAT Security Works

by Admin9. January 2013 19:23
In this video we are showing how the security of BAT is working. [More]

BAT Usage Statistics

by Admin28. November 2012 15:49
BAT gathers statistics about user actions and writes them into its repository database. There is an OLAP cube for BAT database to analyze all this information. We covered all export actions (export to Excel, NRP, PDF, Word), printing, logon/logoff events, opening/closing a report, all actions with pages (adding, removing, deleting, sharing), and data refresh event. [More]

Visual Totals

by Admin21. November 2012 00:06
We are often asked "How to display totals by all levels?" or "how to display totals by the values in the table?". In this article we display how to see totals. [More]

SSL for BAT Website

by Admin30. October 2012 17:13
In this article we explain how to set up SSL for BAT website. There are 2 steps: create or import a certificate and configure SSL on BAT website. [More]

The request failed with HTTP status 400: Bad Request

by Admin24. October 2012 16:23
BAT sends requests to the server through HTTP in the form of SOAP and GET/POST requests. Something in the middle (between report module and BAT application server) spoils these requests by changing headers, cutting off body, etc. It may be an antivirus, a firewall, a proxy server – whatever. But something intercepts the HTTP request that comes out of report/admin module and "fixes" it. And this is the problem. IIS gets a spoiled request and answers with "400 bad request" error. The article explains how to fix it. [More]

Cleaning Statistics in BAT database

by Admin4. October 2012 16:19
If you're using BAT for a long time, you may wonder why the size of BAT database is so large? This is because BAT is gathering a lot of statistical information, including all user actions and MDX requests. There is a possibility to clean this statistics and keep its history for last N days. [More]

Визуальные итоги

by Admin2. August 2012 17:45
Нам часто задают вопрос о том, как сделать так, чтобы BAT показывал итог только по тем элементам, которые выбраны и отображаются в таблице. Здесь мы покажем несколько примеров того, как работать с итогами. [More]

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