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How does it work

BAT gathers statistics about user actions and writes them into its repository database. There is an OLAP cube for BAT database to analyze all this information.

We covered all export actions (export to Excel, NRP, PDF, Word), printing, logon/logoff events, opening/closing a report, all actions with pages (adding, removing, deleting, sharing), and data refresh event.

Report Samples

This report shows the number of different kind of actions:

This report shows the number of data export, the number of cells exported and size of exported data:

This report shows at what hour people are usually making data export:

It is possible to compare users – how much cells each of them queried, and what was the number of queries:

It is possible to see from what IP address people are performing actions:

This report allows to see how much times each measure was queried in every report:

This report shows the number of data updates, the cells/rows/columns that were returned during data updates:

This report allows to see the compression ratio during data update operations:


Download and Installation

You may download the cube structure, the DW structure and installation instruction from here:

after you download it, read carefully "0. instruction.txt".

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