New Features of BAT Version 4.30

by Lena Vayda21. March 2013 17:26


Grid Formatting

Setting Colors for Chart Series

Setting Min and Max Values for Chart's Y Axis


Grid Formatting

In the new version of the BAT the measures and hierarchies can be formatted in a different way:

In previous versions the formatting was applicable to just headers of rows and columns. In the new version you can apply formatting to the whole hierarchy, like this:

You can separately format levels:

Also you can set up formatting for the body of the table:

As a result we will get:

For measures you also can format body and headers.

The tab "Representation" allows to set up the format of measure values.

Using all these settings you can represent the data in different ways:

There is a context menu for quick setting of the formatting rules:

Setting Colors for Chart Series

In the chart settings you can set up individual color for data series and for elements which are located under that series:

You can change colors: add, modify or temporarily switch off the rules of coloring.

Setting Min and Max Values for Chart's Y Axis

In the chart settings for the Axis Y there is a possibility to set the ranges for min and max values of the axis:

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