New Features of BAT Version 5.1x

by Lena Vayda30. March 2017 11:00


Migration to .NET 4.0 

New DevExpress

New report type «Interactive Dashboard»

The tab «Schedules»


Migration to .NET 4.0

ВАТ has been migrated to .NET 4.0.

New DevExpress

ВАТ now has new updated DevExpress.

New report type «Interactive Dashboard»

There is a new report type called "Interactive dashboard". This type of report is created by the administrator (similar to ordinary reports) in the administrator module:

Reports of this dashboard type contain the following elements:

  • Pivot
  • Grid
  • Chart
  • Scatter Chart
  • Pies
  • Gauges
  • Cards
  • Filter Elements
  • Image
  • Text Box
  • Group

Among the features, the following ones are worth mentioning in the first place:

  • Drill Down
  • Filters
  • Sorting
  • Formating
  • Highlight
  • Spark Line
  • Edit Colors
  • Parameters
  • Print
  • Export to PDF, Image, Excel 

Each element of the interactive dashboard can either be used as a filter for the other elements or be excluded from filtering.

One type of the element of the dashboard can be converted into another.

It is worth mentioning that the dashboard can work with several OLAP databases at a time.

The tab «Schedules»

New version of BAT offers a new "Schedules" tab in the admin module, which allows to work with all correspondence in one place:

The tab «Schedules» works in a similar way to the correspondence form in a specific report version.

The tab includes the following fields:

  • Name – name of the report;
  • Record – period of correspondence;
  • Next Run – the soonest start;
  • Status – status of correspondence itself;
  • Type – file type of correspondence;
  • Modified by – who the correspondence was modified by;
  • By Administrator – who the correspondence was created by;
  • Folder – folder title;
  • Report – report title;
  • Version Number – number of report version.

The tab «Schedules» allows to show the whole list of all broadcasts or to filter them by date and time:

Standard filters are available as well:

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