New Features of BAT Version 4.120

by Lena Vayda1. October 2015 10:40
Now the search in the tree hierarchy, measures and sets tree is possible, the process of sorting is optimized at the report page, as well as the algorithm of preparation of the report page to data update ; the ability to set timeout with Analysis Services is available , more informative mailings, the ability to change the status of the filter is available. [More]

New Features of BAT Version 4.110

by Lena Vayda29. April 2015 11:57
New release provides enhancement of floating period settings, possibility to set the same width for columns and height for rows, improvement of gauge select widget, Show Visual Totals option for Admin module and Ignore User Permission option for report mailing. [More]

New Features of BAT Version 4.100

by Lena Vayda19. January 2015 13:17
New release allows you to resize width of columns and height of rows in the tables, updated user manual, better measure folders and visual hierarchies experience, new separators and table descriptions export in Excel, and autoscala for gauges. [More]

New Features of BAT Version 4.92

by Admin21. November 2014 12:39
In this version we've added the functionality of table separators, report page description and measure groupping. [More]

New Features of BAT Version 4.86

by Admin22. September 2014 12:20
The new version has gauges in the table. We've also done sorting optimization and launching of the report module under a specific user. [More]

New Features of BAT Version 4.68

by Admin26. May 2014 12:19
The Scheduler Service has a possibility of setting up the condition which will be checked before sending a report. For example. you may set up "check if the sales have decreased in comparison with the previous month, and if yes - send the report". [More]

New Features of BAT Version 4.62

by Admin28. December 2013 01:10
In this version we've done a global context functionality (context that is applied to all pages of a report), setting visible levels of a hierarchy on a chart, links on reports and folders for calculated measures. [More]

New Features of BAT Version 4.50

by Lena Vayda4. October 2013 17:40
In this version we've done a broader set of scheduler functionality, new features in table filtering and export of treemaps to PDF.

New Features of BAT Version 4.42

by Lena Vayda1. July 2013 17:35
In this version we've optimized export to Excel and export of a report to one xlsx file. [More]

New Features of BAT Version 4.40

by Lena Vayda31. May 2013 17:32
In this version we've implemented parallel data refresh for multiple report pages and a new type of a page called Dashboard which allows to combine several types of reports on one page. [More]

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