New Features of BAT Version 5.6X

by Lena Vayda27. June 2018 13:27
In the new version the following elements appeared: expanded lists of elements in the context, the SQL query editor and support for views in «Interactive Dashboard», stored procedure when working with data sources, client / server mode for «Interactive Dashboards», MDX statistics for queries by elements, password settings, search in the report list in the reporting module, auto-update of data for «Interactive Dashboard», highlighting of Hierarchy with all elements of the level. [More]

New Features of BAT Version 5.5X

by Lena Vayda1. February 2018 17:00
In the new version, the interactive dashboard supports the following data sources: «Relational databases» and «Excel / CSV file», mac versions of BATAdmin, BATReport and BATViewer are available. [More]

New Features of BAT Version 5.4X

by Lena Vayda7. December 2017 12:43
In the new version quick formatting appeared, as well as possibility for administrators to specify the «language of the cube» in the reports mailing form according to schedule. [More]

New Features of BAT Version 5.3X

by Lena Vayda19. September 2017 11:09
This version allows you to use calculated measures and elements in Interactive Dashboard, a new topic appeared in Web Interactive Dashboard. Also, it is possible to restrict the rights on hierarchies, measures, KPI for roles in Interactive Dashboard, Windows Authentication in the Web Interactive Dashboard. This version also contains optimized rendering and export to MS Excel tables with highlighting, and a filter by the list of users in the mailing list form. [More]

New Features of BAT Version 5.2X

by Lena Vayda23. May 2017 08:51
In this new version BAT has web interactive dashboard, new Treemap Interactive Dashboard Item and new Bound Image Interactive Dashboard Item. [More]

New Features of BAT Version 5.1x

by Lena Vayda30. March 2017 11:00
In this new version, BAT has migrated to .NET4.0, DevExpress was updated, there has appeared a new type of dashboard - «Interactive dashboard» as well as a new “Schedules” tab in admin module. [More]

New Features of BAT Version 4.132

by Lena Vayda10. August 2016 15:41
The new version now has Expand/Collapse all level elements for virtual hierarchies, compatibility with Microsoft SQL Server 2016. [More]

New Features of BAT Version 4.130

by Lena Vayda11. May 2016 15:54
Now it became possible to install BAT Admin module on Apple Mac, a new element of report page – parameter appeared, administrator can copy user pages, calculated measures, members and sets and also to operate them; it became possible to add a description for calculated measures and sets, forms for calculated sets and members were updated. [More]

New Features of BAT Version 4.128

by Lena Vayda16. March 2016 15:48
A possibility to install BAT Report and BAT Viewer on Apple Mac appeared, it became possible to create folders for measures, exports of reports to Excel were optimized, the MDX-statistics functional and BAT- statistics cube were updated. [More]

New Features of BAT Version 4.124

by Lena Vayda27. October 2015 13:57
In admin module you can observe reports on separate tabs. [More]

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